Deathbattle Prototype

THIS IS A TWO PLAYER GAME! (Computer only. Sorry mobile users!)

Player 1: Controlled with WASD
Attacks with R & T
Uses special ability with Y

Player 2: Controlled with Arrow Keys
Attacks with N & M
Uses special ability with B

Player 3: Controlled with IJKL
Attacks with G & H
Uses special ability with F.

When a character’s damage goes up to 500, they will die. Keep your damage under control!

Double jumping has yet to be implemented yet, and flinching is still under heavy development. Stay tuned and keep coming back for these updates!



I would like to thank my mom and my friends for motivating me and helping me finish this project. I would also like to thank Sean for helping with further development that will help make the game better, for example character select screens and A.I. Thanks buddy! You’re a real friend to me 😀

How not to do Homework.

 “Goodnight, Ryan,” I could hear my mom wishing me good sleep from my doorway. It was then that I started looking around, chillingly worried. I realized no one would be awake except me in a few minutes, I had forgotten to do my homework, and I put it off until late at night. Suddenly, I remembered I would be grounded for a month if I didn’t do it, and I had to finish it now. I swiftly jumped out of bed, and landed firmly on my stomach (it was actually kind of painful). I searched for my flashlight under my bed. When I found my flashlight, I quietly ran down the hall to my backpack. I messed around with some folders and finally found my homework.

 I propped the flashlight on the table to where it lit up my homework, and put my pencil to the paper. But I didn’t write anything. It was then I realized that I didn’t know how to do this. I had been absent for a lesson when we were taught to multiply, and I had planned to learn it the next day during a free period. To avoid getting in trouble, I decided to devise a plan in my head right then and there. First, I planned to go in my mom’s room, get a calculator, get out, use it for tonight, and learn about multiplication tomorrow. I envisaged the plan in my head. Then, I tiptoed to my mom’s room to discover she was awake, watching TV. I had realized she hadn’t seen me yet and jumped on my stomach quietly. I army crawled across the room, trying to avoid the attention of the dog. My mom looked over at my dad to see if he was asleep, which opened a chance for me to grab the calculator, which was on my mom’s nightstand. The thought that I would be grounded for so long if I got caught made my heart jump out of my chest. I didn’t want to be in trouble for a whole month. I grabbed it quickly and swiftly army crawled out of the room without attracting more attention.

 When I got the calculator I looked at the paper. I panicked when I saw that the paper said, “Show your work.” This would take too long, and I had to get some sleep. My eyelids were getting heavy, but I kept working. After a while, when I was halfway through my homework, for a second everything faded to black. I suddenly woke up in a panic when the sun shone my face through the window, and panicked even more when I looked at my watch. It was 5:45. That’s fifteen minutes until my mom’s alarm clock goes off. I grabbed the calculator and worked the fastest I ever could in my life. I was on the last problem when the alarm clock went off, but I knew my mom always went to the restroom after waking up and I had some time. Quickly, I put the answer on the paper, shoved it in my bag, and sprinted to my room. I couldn’t get the covers over me to pretend to be asleep, because it was caught on my bed. After a minute of struggling I heard my mom’s footsteps walking to my room, and that’s when I finally got the cover free from my bed and threw it over me. As the cover was in the air I turned on my side, and closed my eyes as fast as I could. Just as the covers landed on me perfectly, I could hear the door open. My mom walked over to me and woke me up, where I acted the most tired I possibly could. I had successfully deceived my mom and got up happily.

 I happily– and exhaustively– got help with the subject during some free time, I never got grounded, and my parents still don’t know about the incident (Note to my parents: this story is purely fictional and I have not really done anything like this. Further proving this, ask yourself when the last time you kept a calculator on your nightstand.). That’s when I learned not to put things off, what adrenaline feels like, and how to sneak past people like a ninja.

Prototype of There’s No Turning Back! (computer only)

1.0- release: THE GAME HAS LEVELS!!!
Credit to Adhesive Wombat for the AMAZING theme song!

Thanks! And as always, there’s no turning back!

left and right=Move
R=Return to Start!
Hit space on something near the end of each place to go to the next area!

30th Post!!!! :D

Hi!  It’s me, Ryan! You should all be excited to know that this is my 30TH POST!!!! I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since i started blogging, and I would like to thank everyone who has been looking at my posts, and I will be showing you this funny, silly, random video.

The Cheer-you-up-pup!

I remember it like it was yesterday. The day I got my dog… a dog– and a lesson… IHey! That tickles! Get your mouse off of me! will remember forever. It all started when my dad said we were getting a dog. He said this during the Christmas holidays,  so I always thought of it as a Christmas present. Dad learned that there were some expecting dogs over at Dogwoods, and it turned out the dogs were born on Valentine’s Day. We went to visit Dogwoods first, to see the newborn little pooches. They were precious, so innocent and tiny. I was hanging out with one, holding its pathetic little body and feeling its fragile bones. When we were gone, I was more excited than ever. Day after day I was waiting and waiting. It seemed I couldn’t take my mind off of the little dogs. Not to mention their aunt was Halie, our first dog, with whom I have many memories. It only made me even more eager when I discovered that. Then, suddenly, it was the day. I jumped out of bed like a rocket, got dressed in a flash, andHeehee... stop tickling me! get the mouse off! sprinted into the kitchen for breakfast. All this time the excitement was being held back, like water and the hoover dam, and the dam has just broken. I was the first one ready to go when we were about to leave, all buckled up and waiting for everyone to get in the car. When we got to the Dogwoods place, my parents were talking about the cost and everything… blah blah blah… I tuned it out and leaned over so I could see the dogs through the open door. I saw them, one pooping in some kind of litter-box, which was kinda funny, and I watched them for a few minutes until it was time to go inside. The dog pin smelled like wet dog but none of us cared. we all climbed into the dog pin and were instantly paired with our perfect match. I was laying down with a fluffy one, my sister and my mom exchanging affection with a cute one, but my dad was surrounded by little doggies like the press surrounding Michael Jackson. My dad was just talking to the dogs and we thought it was kinda weird, until I noticed one dog was listening. It sat there, watching my dad like he was talking about the most interesting thing in the world. When my dad pet this particular dog, the dog would wag its tail and squint its eyes like it was smiling. It made me smile and think, this dog is the one who loves us back. It gives us more love than we ever could give. I knew when I saw her she would be our dog. When we picked our kind, compassionate, loyal, zealous, cheer-you-up-pup, It felt more like she picked us.